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New Jersey Freshwater Fishing Report 1-2-19

<b>NEW YORK</b>

<b>Adirondack Mountains</b>

There’s ice, said Renee from <b>FISH307.com</b> in the village Lake George. Weather was warm, and rain fell. But anglers found fishable ice in the Adirondacks. Lake George itself, a big, deep lake, usually doesn’t freeze until the third weekend of January. But smaller lakes held ice that was fished. Eagle Lake held 7 inches, and 7 to 8 covered Brant Lake. Glen Lake, farther south, was reportedly sketchy and covered with only 4 inches. Lake Champlain, a large lake to the north, held some ice that was fished. Eight inches covered Bulwagga Bay on Champlain, and landlocked salmon, lake trout and big yellow perch were probably angled there. But Renee heard no reports. All ice-fishing baits are stocked, and <a href="http://www.fish307.com" target="_blank"> FISH307.com</a> is both an online store and a brick-and-mortar one. It’s the Ice Fishing Super Store, located near the New York Thruway’s south entrance to the Adirondacks,

<b>Salmon River and Western N.Y. Rivers and Streams</b>

Salmon River ran high at 2,000 cubic feet per second early this week, said Jay Peck from <b>Jay Peck Guide Service</b>. That was tough to fish for steelheads, and the water became high including because weather warmed, melting ice. But the angling was good previously, and Jay expected the water to get back into fishing shape quickly. Stoneflies and a light-blue estaz fly had been nailing the steelheads. Two hours to the west, near Rochester, Jay’s fishing for a mix of big brown trout and some steelheads was good. The angling was tougher on Sunday in cold weather but better the day before in warmer weather. Weather and therefore the fishing was a little unstable like that. Oak Orchard River in that area fished well and was in good shape, had a moderate flow, and the water was a little stained. Some would call the water stained, but he considered it a little stained. On some days, white Zonkers tied into the fish well. On others, egg flies worked. Creeks in this Rochester area were in good shape for the fishing. Some held a bunch of water.


Trout streams were blown out, said Corey from <b>Ramsey Outdoor</b> in Succasunna. When the waters are fishable, small tackle fished slowly is probably what to fish. Forage tends to be small in winter, and the fish tend to be slower in the cooler water. Trout Magnets and Cubby Mini Mite Jigs tipped with bait could be fished. Customers often fish for the trout with PowerBait worms that can be rigged like a Wacky Worm or rigged “straight” like a natural worm. Salmon eggs and different PowerBait balls could also be fished. Delaware River probably ran too high to fish. Nothing was heard from lakes. Most ice was melted on lakes, or most were open water.

Near <b>Hi-Way Sports Shop</b> in Washington, trout streams flowed a little high, Keith said. On Delaware River, walleyes were angled, for sure. Fish a shiner on a 1/8- or ¼-ounce jighead, depending on depth. Nothing was reported about trout fishing from shore at Round Valley Reservoir, probably because of the holidays. No news rolled in about other reservoirs or lakes, including about musky fishing. More anglers will fish, now that the holidays are finished.

The water was up a little at Lake Hopatcong, said Cheryl from <b>Fairfield Fishing Tackle</b> in Pine Brook. This was after the lake was lowered 5 feet for dock repairs this past season. Passaic River near the store was over the bank edges and high for fishing. But a kid this morning said a northern pike followed his swim bait in the river and never bit. The river is one of the few places stocked with pike in New Jersey and is known for pike fishing.

A couple of anglers bought worms from <b>Hook House Bait & Tackle</b> in Toms River to fish Ocean County College Pond, Dennis said. Chain pickerel and crappies, fish that thrive in cold water, will make up most catches anywhere this time of year. The Toms River at Trilco is a place to find pickerel throughout winter. Trilco is a closed building supply, and no sign identifies the building, but locals know the stretch by the name, located near Garden State Parkway. Nightcrawlers and garden worms are stocked. Killies ran out but Dennis is trying to obtain more. Hook House, located on Route 37, also owns <b>Go Fish Bait & Tackle</b> on Fischer Boulevard in Toms River.

A handful of fishing reports rolled in, a report said on <b>Sportsman Outpost</b> in Williamstown’s Facebook page. Crappies and yellow perch could be targeted. Nightcrawlers and crappie jigs in all sizes and colors were stocked that could be fished for the crappies and perch. Mary Elmer Lake and Daretown Lake produced good numbers of panfish like that. Smallmouth bass were socked at Union Lake on KVD 1.5 Sexy Shads and Zoom Super Tubes.

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