New Jersey Fishing Photos

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Fishing for summer flounder
or fluke on the ocean on
the party boat Porgy IV,
Cape May. Trips run
for them daily.
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on Raritan Bay
on the party boat
Atlantic Highlands.
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Couple of limits.
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Look at the size
of those. Parker Pete’s
Fishing Charters, Belmar, is
fishing for trophy
striped bass on the ocean.
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From another trip aboard.
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This striper trip
turned into something
altogether different
when this thresher shark
smashed a trolled bunker
spoon meant for the bass.
After a long fight, the shark
was landed. Threshers are
good-eating. And vicious!
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A 4-pound 21-inch
summer flounder
that pounced on a chunk
of bunker at Corson’s Inlet.
Photo from Fin-Atics, Ocean City.
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Think weather
was too warm to slide
striped bass from the surf?
Think again. That’s one
that was released from
Brigantine's surf. This shot
and the next are from
Riptide Bait & Tackle
in the town.
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Another, this one also
let go. Some were
biting, and fishing was
was good locally. Catches
also included black drum
from the surf and summer
flounder from the cove.
Google the cove in
Brigantine to see where
that’s located.
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This trip, on Friday,
was another that
fished well for sea bass
aboard, Last Lady Fishing
Charters, Neptune, reported.
Big sea bass came in,
too. Charters are fishing,
and only two individual-
reservation trips for sea bass
are left: on Tuesday and
June 22, the final day
of sea bass season.
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Anglers on foot
hooked summer flounder
or fluke from the bay
off Harrah’s to jetty-lined
Absecon Inlet to the surf
beside the inlet in Atlantic
City, One Stop Bait & Tackle
in the town reported.
This customer kept bringing
them in. Anglers might
need to put in the effort
to figure out the fishing,
but this a spot to find
the flatfish on foot, and
the early season can
fish best for them.
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A weakfish that
a customer reeled in.
Weaks were hooked
off Harrah’s when anglers
fished for other catches.
Weaks couldn’t really be
targeted, but the population
seemed to be growing.
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