New Jersey Fishing Photos

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The Down Deep Fleet
is fluke fishing
on the ocean.
Visit Down Deep
Sportfishing's website.

Open-boat trips
sail for them daily.
Visit Down Deep
Sportfishing's website.

Charters are available,
and charters and daily,
open trips are also
fishing for ling, cod
and winter flounder.
Down Deep runs two
boats, each accommodating
up to 15 passengers.
Visit Down Deep
Sportfishing's website.

Ling, winter flounder
and cod were boxed
on the most recent
bottom-fishing trip with
Last Lady Fishing Charters,
Neptune. Individual-reservation
trips will bottom-fish at
inshore wrecks July 10 and 17.
Visit Last Lady
Fishing Charters'

An individual-reservation
trip for cod will sail
at 2 a.m. July 12.
Visit Last Lady
Fishing Charters'

Individual-reservation trips
for fluke and sea bass
will fish every Tuesday
beginning July 11. Kids
under 12 sail free on those,
limited to one per adult host.
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Fishing Charters'

Maureen Klause
from Ocean City’s
126.4-pound mako shark
on 6-pound mono,
a potential line-class
record, on Thursday.
She fishes for records.
Photo from Fin-Atics
in the town.
Visit Fin-Atic's

Fluke from the ocean
on the party boat
Big Mohawk, Belmar.
Visit Big Mohawk's

Trips are fluking daily.
Visit Big Mohawk's

A whopping
11 walleyes to 6 pounds,
including this one,
a 40-inch musky and a
smallmouth bass were
crushed on an overnight
trip Thursday to Friday on a
lake with Live to Fish
Guide Service, the
freshwater guide.
Visit Live to Fish
Guide Service's

The musky.
The nighttime trips
fish for walleyes with cast
plugs. Walleyes push to shallows
in the dark, where they
can be hooked on the
top-water lures, and the
fishing is an adventure.
Visit Live to Fish
Guide Service's

Jerry Levin’s
summer flounder from
a party boat trip
from Cape May.
Photo from him.

Still some striped bass.
And when they're caught,
they're monsters with Parker
Pete's Fishing Charters, Belmar.
That's Thursday afternoon aboard.
The fishing includes Magic
Hour Trips 3:30 to 9 p.m., and
spaces are available. Don't delay,
this won't last much longer.
Next up for Parker Pete's:
bucktailing for trophy fluke
beginning July 1.
All of this is on the ocean.
Visit Parker Pete's
Fishing Charters'

Barnegat Bay’s
weakfish are in!
Open-boat trips and
charters on the Hi Flier,
Barnegat, are mixing
it up with weaks, like this
one, fluke, blues and
striped bass. Plus, forecasts
looked good for Sunday and
Monday, and open trips
or charters would shoot to the
blue water on the inshore
ocean for bonito, bluefin tuna,
mako sharks or whatever
showed, at spots like Barnegat
Ridge, the Resor wreck and
the Fingers. Ah, summer!
Telephone Hi Flier if interested.
Visit Hi Flier's

A 7-pound carp
from the Secaucus
Duck Pond from
Erik Wildermann
from Urban Jersey
Fishing Team’s
3-year-old son’s
first fishing trip with
Erik. Photo from Erik.

Tuna from Poorman's
Canyon on June 17.
Photos from the
Heavy Hitter, Cape May.
Visit Heavy Hitter's

The trip's catch included
two bigeye tuna, two bluefin
tuna and three yellowfin
tuna, including an undersized
yellowfin that was released.
All the fish were trolled,
and telephone the boat
if interested in the fishing.
Visit Heavy Hitter's

Photo of Barnegat Light
from the party boat
Miss Barnegat Light.
Trips include sunset cruises.
Visit Miss Barnegat
Light's website.

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