New Jersey Fishing Photos

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The party boat
Captain Al, Point Lookout,
Long Island, N.Y., was
going to begin annual,
daily trips for cod
on Friday.
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Captain Al.

And trips were
already nailing a
few of the fish
when the boat was
blackfishing daily
Those are some
in these shots.
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Captain Al.

The vessel is
this website’s nearest
to New Jersey that fishes
for cod daily. The angling
is often best in
in the second half of
December and part of
January, so don’t delay.
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Captain Al.

South Jersey’s
Stray Cat
from Longport sailed
for striped bass
last Sunday and Monday
on the ocean.
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The fishing was
pretty good, Stray Cat
reported, catching on
livelined bunker and
on the troll
off Ocean City.
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An open-boat trip
will fish for stripers
aboard Saturday, because
a few anglers want
to go, and some
spaces are available.
Open trips will blackfish
Monday through Friday.
Sunday is chartered.
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on the party boat
Atlantic Star,
Atlantic Highlands.
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The trip in this shot
was during the season's
first snowstorm on Saturday
of last weekend. Click the
shot to enlarge and see.
Blackfish weather.
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There's a good catch,
on Monday. That many
per angler was an
and blackfishing was
yet to be great anywhere,
but picked. Trips are
blackfishing daily.
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Don’t always need a boat.
Here’s a 20-pound
striped bass from the
Absecon Inlet jetty in
Brigantine on the night
of Dec. 3. Photo from
Riptide Bait & Tackle
in the town.
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Bait & Tackle's

Anglers on the
Hi Flier, Barnegat,
clocked stripers,
15- to 20-pounders,
on cast rubber shads
last week on Thursday
afternoon on the ocean.
They released them,
because they’d already
limited out on 28- to
34-inchers and slot
stripers that were
trolled. This was the
season’s first time
that casting lures
mugged the bass
aboard. Gannets hit
the water hard.
The fishing was
all trolling previously
for the fleet,
but was good.
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Open-boat trips
or charters were going
to fish daily this week
through this coming
Monday for stripers.
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