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Delaware Bay Report

Report from Tuesday, October 21.

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Port Elizabeth
A little more business than before showed up Saturday at The Girls Place Bait & Tackle, Sharon said. Anglers bought fresh bunker, including bushels, and Sharon guessed a few tried for striped bass on the bay with the bait. But nobody reported about the angling, and wind blew 30 knots on Sunday, making business slow. Weather was breezy on Monday, and boaters have had difficulty getting the weather to sail. Most customers were surf anglers, who can fish in rough weather. But this is the time of year when boaters begin trying for stripers on the bay, and rough weather isn’t unusual in fall. Anglers are hoping stripers begin to bite in the bay. The nor’easter forecast for this week could help striper fishing, dropping water temperatures. This week’s cold air could, too. News is rolling around that stripers are being seen more frequently than before throughout the state. The bunker netter saw schools of stripers. The Atlantic City Press reported a 46-1/2-pound striper beached from the surf at Margate. A couple of customers saw sea lice on stripers in back bays. That meant the fish migrated from the ocean. The stripers that anglers are expecting in the bay are stripers migrating from the ocean from the north for the season. White perch fishing was great on Maurice River the past couple of weeks. Lots of bloodworms were sold for bait for them. Customers also bought fresh clams for striper bait. Fresh bunker is the most popular striper bait in the bay in fall. But some anglers fish the clams and other baits. Customers bought supplies for crabbing, but not many crabs seemed to be trapped. Crabbing usually slows during this time of year, and many commercial crabbers stopped crabbing for the season. The Girls Place, located on Route 47, just after Route 55 ends, carries a large supply of bait and tackle, and is the long, one-story, yellow building on the right. It’s on the way to the bay.

Capt. Howard from the party boat Salt Talk is just waiting to fish for striped bass on the bay, he said. Sometimes big bluefish arrive in the bay first, but not every year. But if they do, the boat could sail for them. One of the other party boats caught a few blackfish at the lighthouses, Howard thought. Anglers on Fortescue creek reeled in a few stripers, including several keepers 29 or 30 inches. They were resident fish or young stripers yet to migrate.

Last Week's Report
Port Elizabeth

The season was probably a little early for striped bass fishing, but some anglers will probably try for the fish this weekend, said Sharon from The Girls Place Bait & Tackle. Striper catches were heard about from the back bays and surf. Many anglers think the stripers in the back bays are resident fish, or younger fish, yet to migrate, that spend the year there. But the stripers in the surf are likely migrators. Stripers were also heard about from the mouth of Maurice River. The storm caused rough weather throughout Saturday, but Sunday’s weather was better. A number of telephone calls asked for fresh bunker, the popular bait to fish for Delaware Bay’s stripers in fall. The bunker was stocked Friday, but sold out quickly, and none was available Saturday and through the weekend, because the weather kept bunker boats from sailing. But the bait is stocked several times a week when available. Fresh clams are usually available whenever somebody telephones ahead to order them, and some anglers will fish the clams for the bay’s bass this season. The clams are kept on hand at the shop, when demand picks up. But calling ahead for large quantities, like a bushel, is a good idea then, too. Eels are stocked, and are fished for stripers in different locations, like the surf or the Cape May Rips, where the bay meets the ocean. Even shedder crabs were stocked this weekend, and the season was late for shedders to be available. The shop’s bunker netter saw stripers schooling the ocean this weekend, for the first time this season. White perch might be able to be angled from Maurice River. A few customers might’ve crabbed, but no results were heard. Crabbing’s been slowing for the season. The Girls Place, located on Route 47, just after Route 55 ends, carries a large supply of bait and tackle, and is the long, one-story, yellow building on the right. It’s on the way to the bay.


Though Beaver Dam Boat Rentals was potentially going to be open last weekend, the shop was pretty much closed, Paul said. That was mostly because of the storm all day Saturday. Plus, crabbing was already slow, and the moon had just been full, and that can also slow crabbing. That was going to be the final time the shop was open this season, and Beaver Dam is now closed. The crew thanks customers for a great year. The shop is usually reopened the weekend before Memorial Day. But the boat ramp for duck hunting will remain open for the duck seasons throughout this winter, and a season pass is only $25 for that. The hunting is great. Wildlife licenses will also continue to be sold at the store year-round. Telephone ahead to be sure someone will be at the shop. A 7-inch crab, trapped on Beaver Dam’s first day of business this year, was the season’s biggest for customers. The crabber with that blueclaw won the prize for the largest: a free boat rental next year. Fishing still produced catches this weekend. Crew from the shop landed white perch and released out-of-season sea bass. Paul saw striped bass stirring around. Both sea bass and stripers are usually throwbacks in back waters like this, but anglers release them for fun. Small crabs were seen around the dock. That seemed to bode well for the future population. Commercial crabbers said catches had somewhat improved. Rental kayaks and canoes can still be available to paddle the scenic creek this fall, if customers call ahead to request. This can be a beautiful time of year. Customers crab, fish and paddle on Oranokin Creek, running past the store. The holidays are coming, and check out Beaver Dam’s online store for gifts. Or contact the shop for a gift certificate for a boat rental. A 15-percent discount is available for either the gifts or certificates, if customers request. Gifts like these are better than another tie! Linda from the store said.