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Report from Tuesday, December 10.

| Port Elizabeth | Cape May | Last Week's Report |

Port Elizabeth
When boaters could sail, they reeled striped bass from the bay, said Sharon from The Girls Place Bait & Tackle. Weather that kept them docked, and getting bait this time of year, were challenges. Business was slowing down for the season, and the store will be open through the weekend, then closed until late winter or early spring. But some customers scored better striper fishing recently than all season. Whether fresh bunker will be stocked through the weekend partly depends on whether anglers order the bait. Bunker is the popular bait for the bay’s stripers in autumn. If anglers want the bunker for the weekend, telephone this week to order. The baitfish is less available this time of year from suppliers, because of demand. Weather can also determine if the bunker boats can sail. The shop is driving north to Barnegat for the menhaden, and will only drive that far if enough anglers let the shop know they want the bait. If the drive is made, no excess bunker is really going to be picked up, because the shop will be closed afterward. Blackfishing was good, the last time customers mentioned. But news dried up, only because fewer anglers fished for them than before. The Girls Place, located on Route 47, just after Route 55 ends, stocks a large supply of bait and tackle. It’s the long, one-story, yellow building on the right, with plenty of parking, including for trailered boats.

Cape May
Striped bass fishing sailed Saturday, but was cancelled Friday and Sunday, on the Heavy Hitter, Capt. George said. Three keeper stripers – a sizeable one 35 or 36 inches, a 32-incher and a 28-incher – and a bunch of throwbacks were cranked in. The keepers and some throwbacks came from Cape May Rips while the charter eeled and bucktailed. A bunch more throwbacks were hooked while the anglers bunker-chunked off Cape May Point. Friday’s weather wasn’t bad, but the charter that day cancelled because of rain. Sunday’s weather was rough, and a friend said it was all white water that day. The Heavy Hitter will fish until this weekend, and George will call it a season afterward.

Last Week's Report
Port Elizabeth

Throwback striped bass swam the bay like before, but keepers were bagged, no great numbers, but probably more than all season, said Sharon from
The Girls Place Bait & Tackle. That was during the weekend, and good catches of stripers were also trolled on the ocean. On the bay, a few keepers were reported from the southern end but also near Fortescue. Winds finally calmed Sunday and Monday, after strong winds previously and last week’s storm. On the bay, most anglers fished fresh bunker. Obtaining the bait became challenging, because weather often kept bunker boats from sailing. The fresh menhaden was stocked at the shop this weekend, and is being carried when possible. Demand will drop off now, so the bait won’t always be on hand. It’ll be stocked when demand is likely, and when the bait can be obtained. The store’s bunker came from near Barnegat, not locally. Frozen bunker was fished when fresh was unavailable, but that wasn’t ideal. Nothing was heard about blackfishing since last week’s weather, though a few customers bought green crabs for bait for the tautog during the weekend. Previously, blackfishing was good. Marinas along the bay are starting to shut down for the season, and marinas at Cape May will probably be closed soon. The store will probably be open another two weeks, closing on December 16, until the bay’s fishing picks up again next year. The Girls Place, located on Route 47, just after Route 55 ends, stocks a large supply of bait and tackle. It’s the long, one-story, yellow building on the right, with plenty of parking, including for trailered boats.


The party boat Salt Talk is finished fishing for the season, Capt. Howard’s wife said. The boat fished Saturday, and throwback striped bass were reeled in, she thought. No large numbers of keepers migrated up the bay to near Fortescue this season, like in recent autumns. Large stripers used to swim abundantly up the bay that far in fall. Anglers will see whether they do next year. The Salt Talk usually begins fishing again for summer flounder, when flounder season is opened. That happened in May in recent years.