Fri., Aug. 26, 2016
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Delaware Bay Report

Report from Tuesday, August 23.

| Port Elizabeth | Money Island | Newport | Fortescue | Cape May | Last Week's Report |
Cape May
Ten or 12 locals boated the bay every morning, bagging summer flounder, said Joe from Hands Too Bait & Tackle. The average angler’s trip who boated the bay less frequently bagged only a couple. Customers fish the bay locally, so no news was heard about flounder from the bay farther north, like toward Fortescue. Lots of spike weakfish schooled the bay. Not many croakers were around, but sometimes a few were banked from the surf. Cape May is located at the confluence of the bay and the ocean, so the surf wraps around the town like a peninsula from the bay to the ocean. Surf anglers also beached small flounder, small blues, kingfish, weaks and brown sharks. The blues tumbled into the surf in mornings and evenings, chasing bunker. Fishing for the kingfish could be good at times. Fishing for the browns, required to be released, might’ve become slower than before. They could bite throughout the day, but dusk is Joe’s favorite time to find the sharks. Nighttimes and mornings could also fish well for them. Warmth kept some anglers from fishing this past week. Some fished in early mornings until maybe noon to escape the heat. Crabbing was super, the best in years, locally. Crabbing might’ve slowed during the days surrounding last week’s full moon, because of shedding and mating the moon could cause. But it would pick back up again, likely.