Mon., Sept. 15, 2014
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Delaware Bay Report

Report from Tuesday, September 9.

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Cape May
Signs started to suggest summer flounder might’ve started showing up in the southern bay within range of the party boat Porgy IV, Capt. Paul said. The boat’s been fishing for flounder on the ocean, but talk was heard on the radio about good catches from boats from Bidwell Creek. A local boat that had been fishing the ocean for flounder was also seen coming from the bay. Reports about flounder from the bay mostly came from farther north toward Fortescue previously. If the flounder population is large enough on the southern bay within range, the Porgy IV will fish there. Otherwise, the boat will continue working the ocean for flounder. The angling on the ocean had good days and bad, depending on conditions. A bunch of good-sized flounder were pitched aboard on a couple of days. On one day last week, wind blew against tide, and most of the trip’s flounder were hooked on the first drift. Then the conditions tangled lines, and skates bit, and things were a disaster. But flounder were around in the ocean, even in a few different places, biting well when conditions were good. The Porgy IV will probably flounder fish through flounder season and even afterward. That’s because the boat has a Research Set Aside Permit that allows the vessel to flounder fish after the season is closed on September 28. The Porgy IV is fishing for summer flounder at 8 a.m. daily.

The bay’s summer flounder fishing slowed some, compared with earlier in summer, but was still good, at usual spots like Bug Light, the Punk Grounds and near Fortescue, said Dell from Hands Too Bait & Tackle. Ocean flounder fishing was good, and Cape May Reef fished best for them there. Surf fishing was mostly dead. Lots of short fluke and sometimes sharks were dragged in. Blackfish were hooked along Cape May Inlet’s jetties, but few fished for them in the one-blackfish bag limit. Croaker fishing seemed to slow a little in the back bay, but gave up some.