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Delaware Bay Report

Report from Tuesday, December 22.

| Port Elizabeth | Money Island | Cape May | Last Week's Report |

The report resumes in April.
Cape May
Chunking bunker for stripers had caught well on the bay, Nick from Hands Too Bait & Tackle said Friday in a phone call. Strong west wind that then began was expected to rough up the bay, probably preventing boating there a moment last weekend. A couple of customers had eeled stripers at the Cape May Rips before the wind. Trolling cashed in on stripers, good catches, from the rips to the ocean off Hereford Inlet last week. Fishing the ocean for stripers probably continued this weekend in the wind, because land often protects the ocean near shore from being roughed up by west wind. No land protects the New Jersey side of the bay from west wind. That wind blows across open water on the Jersey side, and wind from that direction actually builds the bay’s seas there. The bay’s Delaware side would be protected from westerlies. Fresh bunker might no longer be available at the store, because gillnetting season, the usual way that suppliers land the baitfish, was closed beginning December 16. But seine-netting and castnetting is open through December 31, so there is a way for suppliers to gather bunker, if they’d like. Bunker will be carried if some can be found from suppliers. The shop is carrying snagging hooks, and Nick is suggesting to anglers who want fresh bunker that they boat the day before fishing to snag the menhaden for fresh bait. Fresh bunker is the popular bait for Delaware Bay’s striper fishing in autumn. Frozen, vacuum-packed bunker is stocked.