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Report from Wednesday, November 26.

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North Jersey
About a 25-pound musky was trolled and released on Greenwood Lake on a trip with a client Saturday, said Capt. Dave Vollenweider from Live to Fish Guide Service from Montvale. The fish was hooked on a silver John Bales JB2 lure, trolled down 25 feet. Bales suggests fishing deep for muskies during this colder time of year. The trip kept trolling back and forth in an area, and the line with the lure suddenly stopped and came tight, and the fish was on! The client landed the fish, and after the trip, said he was hooked on muskies, Dave said. Another client is supposed to fish aboard Saturday, and fishing time is limited this season, and weather is closing in. The lake was 42 or 43 degrees, and weather was cold and raw. Seas included white caps and some large rollers. Greenwood’s southern end held skim ice, and Dave will keep fishing as long as possible this season. “I’ve got to say, it’s been a great season,” he said.

Ice formed on some of the lakes last week, but wasn’t frozen long, said Kevin from Ramsey Outdoor in Succasunna. Some waters, like smaller lakes, still held skim ice. But largemouth bass and chain pickerel were yanked from lakes. Lures like Husky Jerks or suspending jerk baits could clock them. As long as weather generally hovers in the 40 degrees, pickerel fishing can be good in the shallows. Snow was forecast for today, but the rest of the week was supposed to be in the 40s, and anglers can fish all day in that, he said. Jigging nabbed walleyes at lakes like Hopatcong. Trout streams somewhat rose, after low water this season, and trout were caught, and the winter trout stocking was scheduled for this week. Even more of the fish should swim now. Flies like small bead-headed nymphs, eggs and San Juan worms should work well on trout through Christmas. In saltwater, surf-fishing for striped bass became spotty or slow, but some were still banked. On upstate New York’s rivers, the cold snap slowed steelheading this past week. But the steelheading’s been good, and weather became warmer. Looking ahead: Ice-fishing tackle is being stocked this week at Ramsey.

Customers bought shiners to fish for northern pike on Passaic River, though nobody reported results, said Nick from Meltzer’s Sporting Goods in Garfield. Everybody fished the live bait, and no longer threw lures this season, for the pike. Customers fish for the northerns from Garfield to Little Falls or Lincoln Park. Surely, pike, crappies and perch could be angled from Pompton River, if anglers put in the time. Customers bought meal worms to fish for trout, but nobody reported results, including about trouting on Ramapo River that Nick reported in previous weeks, or about on Barbour’s Pond that was supposed to be stocked on Monday for the winter trout stocking. See the winter trout stocking schedule online, including for info about stocking moved to Tuesday this week instead of today, because of today’s storm. Previously, Nick reported small trout, not keepers, but catches, from Ramapo River. Nobody mentioned walleye fishing, though Nick in previous reports talked about a friend who kept jigging walleyes at Lake Hopatcong. Fishing for walleyes on lakes like that will continue, even throughout winter, though participation will drop drastically in the weather. Diehards will keep after the walleyes, but are unlikely be heard from. Maybe ice-fishing will be one of the next big draws, this writer said to Nick. Ice fishing won’t happen for some time, Nick said.

Around the season’s coldest weather so far this past week, not much was mentioned about fishing, said Cheryl from Fairfield Fishing Tackle in Pine Brook. Weather warmed this week, but that didn’t make a difference, really. Definitely nothing was reported from Passaic River the last few days. Northern pike and catfish were hooked there before, the shop reported previously. A few customers headed for blackfish on the ocean, some catching well, some not.