Sun., March 29, 2015
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Report from Wednesday, March 25.

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North Jersey
Ice fishing seemed finished, said Kevin from Ramsey Outdoor in Succasunna. He saw a few ice-fishing during the weekend, forgetting where, but in the back of Budd Lake, he thought. But he wouldn’t venture onto the ice now. Some open spots were available to fish on lakes, though not much was heard about angling. This was a time of transition, but anglers will probably fish this weekend. A few catfish were tugged from Delaware River on jigs from open water. Yellow perch fishing is usually good on lakes this time of year. The perch began to spawn, and can usually be hooked on small jigheads, like 1/16-ounce, with Mister Twisters, fished under a bobber, slowly. As soon as ice clears, if a day is warm, all kinds of fish will go crazy, he said, in shallows of lakes, like 2 feet deep. At his lake, the fish, like perch, bluegills and 4-pound largemouth bass, bask in the sun there, for instance. Many trout streams are closed to fishing for trout stocking, and will be opened beginning on April 4, opening day of trout season. But fishing remains open on some trout waters, and check regulations. A few customers trout fished on Pequest River during the weekend, working midges slowly. Many streams are high, and the water is cold, making the fish finicky. They’re not giving up lots of action, but trout are around.

From Meltzer’s Sporting Goods in Garfield, Mark worked the shop’s exhibit at the Saltwater Fishing Expo last weekend in Somerset, he said. So he heard little about fishing. But he saw a photo of a huge northern pike reeled from Passaic River. Ice remained on Greenwood Lake and Lake Hopatcong, and ice-anglers fished Hopatcong, he knew.

Passaic River was flooded, running into the parking lot, said Joe from Fairfield Fishing Tackle in Pine Brook. Customers were anxious to fish, “starting to get itchy,” he said. They bought supplies, including for the opening of trout season on April 4, and they spooled reels with new line. Ice-anglers still fished on Lake Hopatcong. He saw some on Sunday.