Mon., Nov. 20, 2017
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Report from Wednesday, November 15.

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New York
Salmon River and Western N.Y. Rivers and Streams

Cold weather put the whammy on some fishing a moment this past week, said Jay Peck from Jay Peck Guide Service. But weather was warming since and was supposed to be in the mid-40 degrees yesterday. One morning dipped to 21 degrees, record cold for the time of year. That dropped water temperature to 34 degrees in western New York rivers and streams, around Rochester, where Jay is fishing for large brown trout that migrate from Lake Ontario. Water that cold put the trout into a “funk,” and fishing for them was tough a few days. His trips had to work for the catches but scored okay. One of the trips Monday banked a 17-pounder. The trout were there, and the cold just stunned them. The angling should pick back up and seemed set to be good this week. The water was higher than usual. Trips often caught on chartreuse egg flies. About 2 hours east in upstate New York, Salmon River was supposed to be dropped to 1,300 cubic feet per second yesterday. That’s high, but the river had been higher, because of rain. Jay was surprised the river wasn’t going to be dropped more, because no rain fell in a while, and massive amounts of water were released from the reservoir recently. A little snow fell recently, but that fails to affect the river. A good bunch of steelheads swam the upper river, and a steady trickle of the fish kept migrating to the river from Lake Ontario. Fishing for the steelheads was pretty consistent. It wasn’t great, only because of the volume of water. Jay’s guides are steelheading the river. One of his guides was fishing smaller rivers north of the Salmon, and reported catching well. This whole area seemed to hold healthy populations of steelheads. Streamers like Intruders and other wet flies, swung quartered across current, are catching well on the Salmon. Jay predicts that if the river is dropped to 750 to 1,000 CFS, it’s going to fish great. The high water, both in western New York and Salmon River, seemed good, because that should set up healthy water levels into the next month. So fishing in both western New York and on the Salmon dealt with conditions, but that’s part of fishing, and the populations of steelheads and brown trout in the rivers and streams were a healthy number. This has been a good season for all the fishing so far. Jay concentrates on the browns until the waters freeze for winter, preventing the angling. Then he’ll steelhead fish on the Salmon throughout winter until early spring. Salmon River, a big river, never freezes, except along edges. Jay specializes in fly-fishing and catch-and-release, and books trips that fish with conventional tackle with his other guides.