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Report from Wednesday, January 16.

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New Jersey
Walleyes were getting caught from Delaware River on chartreus jigheads with motor-oil-colored Culprit worms, said Alex from Stokes Forest Sport Shop in Sandyston. A few customers fished for trout on Big Flatbrook on Monday, saying they pasted the fish great on pheasant-tail and prince nymphs. But Alex wondered if the stream was iced up now. Smaller lakes were frozen, and customers yesterday said some held 4 inches.

Capt. Dave Vollenweider from Live to Fish Guide Service from Montvale trolled two lake trout from Round Valley Reservoir on Saturday, he wrote in an email. That was on Rapala Husky Jerks, and one of the lakers might’ve smacked two of the lures, because two were in its mouth when Dave reeled in the fish. Watch a video of that catch. The air was 30 degrees, and the water was 37. Dave’s not bailing the fish, but it’s nice to be out there trying! he said.

Anglers ice-fished in the northern state and not closer to the store yet, said Cory from Ramsey Outdoor in Succasunna. Anglers walked on Budd Lake, but Cory couldn’t say that was safe. Ice-anglers often reeled in chain pickerel and yellow perch. Budd should give up northern pike when that’s fished from the ice, because it usually does, and pike caught were heard about from there in past weeks from open water. Trout streams ran high but came down a little. They’re coming back up every time rain falls. Once in a while a customer geared up for trout fishing. Cory heard about walleyes, smallmouth bass, perch and pickerel from Delaware River. Anglers said the fish gathered in slower water like back eddies along shore.

Ice-fishing will probably kick in this weekend for customers from Hi-Way Sports Shop in Washington, Keith said. Medium and large shiners, wax worms and meal worms are stocked for the fishing. The customers fish the ice at lakes they fish on open water, including Oxford and Mountain lakes. White Lake was covered with thin ice, too thin to fish from, five days ago. Customers might fish ice there this weekend, too. Budd Lake is usually the first where ice-fishing is reported from. Maybe Budd was already fished from the ice, but no customers reported that yet. State ponds, small waters, along Brass Castle Road were probably already ice-fished. In other news, Keith heard from nobody who fished Delaware River.

The lake just began to be fished from the ice, said Laurie from Dow’s Boat Rentals in Lake Hopatcong. A couple of anglers fished it, and maybe only 3 to 4 inches covered some of the coves yesterday morning. The lake still held some open water, and more ice will probably form by this weekend, she guessed. Ice-fishing tackle is stocked, and shiners, wax worms and spikes are carried for the fishing.

Near Fairfield Fishing Tackle in Pine Brook, skim ice formed on lakes and ponds, but no ice that was fishable, Larry said. Ice formed in mornings and melted later in day. Little was heard about fishing. Passaic River near the store ran pretty high and over the banks. In saltwater, customers picked blackfish on the ocean when boats had the weather to sail. Some hoped to jump on the trips this coming weekend.

Lakes were iced over, so nobody really fished them, said Steve from Blackwater Sports Center in Vineland. Anglers could possibly fish open water at spillways, but nobody reported doing that. The ice was too thin to fish from, but ice-fishing is unpopular this far south in New Jersey anyway. The ice usually never stays thick long enough to generate interest. In saltwater, customers had been scoring okay on blackfish on the ocean. Nothing was mentioned about that recently in cold and wind.