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Saltwater Fishing Report

Report from Thursday, October 2.

| Belmar | Point Pleasant Beach | Longport | Cape May | Last Monday's Report |

Wind finally let up, and an overnight trip fished the canyons Sunday to Monday on the Katie H, Capt. Mike said. At night, three longfin tuna were boated, and blue sharks were a nuisance. During daytime, two more longfins and a few mahi mahi were trolled. A huge fleet fished the area, after 1 ½ weeks of wind kept the fishing in port. Another overnighter is supposed to fish the canyons Saturday to Sunday aboard, but forecasts don’t look good. Some dates are still available for tuna fishing. Trips will sail for striped bass and blackfish later this fall.

XTC Sportfishing fished the canyons overnight Sunday to Monday, Capt. Scott said. Longfin tuna were both chunked at night and trolled during daytime, and tilefish to 30 pounds were cranked up during daytime, on the trip. A trip Friday, if Scott remembered the day, fought big bluefish to a 19-pounder, a good catch, at the Mud Buoy. Otherwise, trips were weathered out, and this weekend’s weather looks rough. Another offshore trip was cancelled this Friday to Saturday, because of forecasts. But a couple of inshore trips might sail for blues or striped bass. Reports sounded like a few stripers were trolled at Shrewsbury Rocks.

Plenty of bluefish, big ones, swarmed 15 miles from shore, if anglers wanted them, said Capt. Pete from Parker Pete’s Fishing Charters. He was unsure whether fish like bonito and false albacore still swam the ocean, but thought one boat sailed for them. Parker Pete’s will make some test runs to troll for striped bass. The main body of stripers was yet to arrive, but charters are being booked to fish the migration later this season. Sea bass were hooked and released, and sea bass season will be opened starting October 18. Don’t have enough anglers for a charter? Jump on Parker Pete’s website to subscribe to the emailed newsletter to be kept informed about last-minute, individual spaces available to fill in charters. Look for the place to sign up on the right side of the page.

Bluefishing was the best of the season during the weekend and on Monday on the party boat Miss Belmar Princess, an email from the vessel said on Tuesday. That was the most recent news, and jumbos 9 to 18 pounds were hammered non-stop, from the time the trips began fishing, until they stopped. The Miss Belmar Princess is fishing for striped bass and blues 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. daily and 7:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. every Friday and Saturday.

An overnight tuna trip fished Sunday to Monday on the party boat Golden Eagle, a report on the vessel’s website said. A few 50-pound yellowfin tuna, a 252-pound bigeye tuna and a few tilefish were bagged. The bigeye was landed after a 1-hour and 15-minute fight, and a couple of other bigeyes spooled reels and were lost. A few yellowfins also got off. The fishing wasn’t as good as the crew hoped, and tuna were marked most of the night, “but they just bit when the wanted,” the report said. A few spaces remain for a tuna trip on October 19, and room is available on two more of the trips that were added for October 9 and 14. See the Golden Eagle’s tuna schedule. On Tuesday aboard, bluefishing was good for big ones, all the 8- to 15-pounders anglers could want, and false albacore were mixed in. Northeast wind to 25 knots was expected to weather out Wednesday’s trip, the report said on Tuesday, in the most recent update. The Golden Eagle is bluefishing 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. daily and 7:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

Point Pleasant Beach
Fishing began targeting porgies, splitting the day between them and ling, on the party boat Dauntless, Capt. Butch said. A few porgies, not a lot, but some, bit, and they just started showing up the other day. Anglers probably averaged two to six porgies, 9- to 12-inchers, apiece. Some of the porgies were also small, and that seemed healthy for the population. Not many small were seen the last couple of years. Trips fished for porgies shallow, in 30 to 50 feet, and fished for ling deeper, in 140 to 200 feet. Along with the ling, a few winter flounder and cod came in. Many customers enjoyed the two-flounder bag limit this year, compared with the closed flounder season, this time of year, in recent years. “They’re like, whoa, look at that,” Butch said, because the flounder were large. Catches overall on trips were okay, not great, but alright. With so many boats switching to ling, since fluke season was closed, ling catches were a little slow. Ling don’t migrate and get replaced by new populations of the species, once some are caught, like some fish do. Lots of out-of-season sea bass chomped, and Butch hopes no storms chase them offshore, before sea bass season is opened starting October 18, so customers can bag them. The ocean was 67 to 69 degrees, becoming cooler, and that’s good for the boat’s bottom-fishing. Tons of bait schooled, including unbelievable numbers of bunker. Lots of tiny shrimp schooled, and a few butterfish, some of them large, to 11 inches, almost as big as the porgies, were around. The butterfish were unusual, and though so much bait swam, not a lot of fish, like blues, bonito and false albacore, were on them, like they would usually be, in the area fished. The Dauntless is bottom-fishing 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily.

The anglers, a small group, picked away at ling, a decent catch, on Monday on the party boat Norma-K III, Capt. Matt wrote in a report on the vessel’s website. The fish were mostly small to medium-sized, and a handful were large, and Eric Berger from Brick won the pool with a 25- to 30-pound cod. Winter flounder were reeled in, and all anglers limited out on two of the flatfish, Matt thought. The Norma-K III is fishing for ling and cod 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. daily and for bluefish 7:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. every Friday and Saturday.

Open-boat trips will fish for sea bass on the Stray Cat, when no charters are booked, once sea bass season is opened on October 18, Capt. Mike said. Charters are booked for the fishing on October 18 and 19, but the open trips, sailing 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., will run afterward, including on October 20 through 24 and October 26. Don’t call the night before to go, because the trips will likely either be booked, or Mike will make other plans.

Cape May
Melanie Anne Sport Fishing Charters scored a good trip to an offshore canyon on Tuesday, Capt. Frank said in a voicemail. Nine good-sized mahi mahi and a wahoo were decked. The canyon was loaded with weeds, but fish swam underneath. ***Update, Thursday, 10/2:*** The offshore trip fished Baltimore Canyon, Frank said in a phone call, and though the weeds made fishing difficult, lots of mahi and marlin, no tuna, swam the water. All the trip’s fish were trolled, and mahi leapt from the weeds to jump on the spread. It was crazy, Frank said, and a hundred could’ve been caught. The angler mentioned he never before boated a wahoo, so the trip attempted for one at the Tea Cup, and a 50-pounder, good-sized, was trolled in 15 minutes. The angler thought Frank was the fish whisperer! Frank joked. But lots of signs of sharks were seen on the trip, and trips will now shark fish, until striped bass show up. Contact the boat if interested.

A trip was supposed to tilefish this weekend on the Heavy Hitter, but will be weathered out, Capt. George said. Rough weather kept most trips docked lately. George knew about boats that fished at Wilmington Canyon this past week, catching mahi mahi and tilefish, no tuna. Striped bass charters are being booked, and usually begin in early November. But the trips will start earlier, if stripers show up. The water currently was 70 degrees, and will need to cool. Striper fishing used to begin in mid-October in past years, but started later recently. The striper trips will probably bunker-chunk for the fish on Delaware Bay at first. But if stripers bite at the Cape May Rips, the trips will fish there. At the rips, livelined eels or spots or bucktails are fished. Sometimes stripers are trolled on the ocean toward Hereford Inlet later in fall. Sea bass trips will begin when sea bass season is opened starting October 18. Blackfishing aboard will be launched on November 16, when the bag limit is lifted to six of the tautog, from the current limit of one.

A handful of keeper summer flounder were clutched aboard Saturday, the final day of flounder season, and the shorts were really shorts, like 12 ½ inches, said Capt. Paul from the party boat Porgy IV. So he guessed flounder pushed farther offshore for the season, and he had obtained a Research Set Aside Permit to keep fishing for flounder after the season closed. But he got rid of that, because the fish seemed gone. A few remained inshore, but scallop boats reported finding lots in 24 to 28 fathoms. Paul heard about none of the fleet catching them well on the final day. The boat had been fishing daily, but will now sail at 8 a.m. every Saturday and Sunday, for croakers, triggerfish, blues, weakfish or whatever bites. Daily trips might not resume until the boat begins fishing for sea bass on October 18, opening day of sea bass season.

Last Monday's Report
Staten Island

Fishing limited out on sea bass, including good-sized, on Sunday with Outcast Charters, Capt. Joe said. Porgies in the mix were also bagged, and New York’s sea bass season is open through the end of the year, and New Jersey’s is currently closed. New York’s blackfish season will be opened starting Friday, and Outcast will jump on the tautog. One blackfish is currently the New Jersey bag limit, almost a closed season. Outcast specializes in bottom-fishing, like all of this, and offers trips from Staten Island, New York, and Sewaren, New Jersey.


Small striped bass started to bite for shore anglers along Raritan Bay, said Joey from Joey’s Bait Shack. Fresh clams, fresh bunker and eels were fished for them, and Joey figures that angling for larger stripers will begin to pick up in two weeks, when water cools. Cocktail blues swarmed around the area. Fluke season was closed starting Sunday, and a 12-1/2-pound fluke was the season’s heaviest at the shop. The longest was a 31-1/2-incher that weighed 8.9 pounds. Was a good fluke season for customers. Crabbing slowed. Baits stocked include fresh bunker, fresh clams, eels, sandworms, nightcrawlers and all the frozen baits.

Only throwback fluke bit on a trip Saturday with Joe Ladesig’s group with Papa’s Angels Charters, Capt. Joe said. That was the final day of fluke season, and the trip fished off Sandy Hook with the fleet. Trips now will fish for porgies, and charters are being booked for striped bass and blues for later this fall. Open-boat trips for porgies are available daily when no charter is booked, and telephone to reserve.

A great fluke season ended on the Vitamin Sea, Capt. Frank wrote in an email. Fluke season was closed starting Sunday, and the season was super aboard, all in all, he said. He thanked anglers who fluked aboard, and congratulated those who socked their first doormat, sometimes multiple doormats, on the trips. The year’s two biggest fluke aboard weighed 10 pounds apiece, and many 9-pounders were bagged on the boat this year. Fluke 5 to 8 pounds were taken on nearly every trip. Sharpies who could bucktail scored better than bait-fishers. Frank cancelled the year’s final two fluke trips on Saturday and Sunday, because the angling wasn’t good. He doesn’t like taking anglers for a boat ride, he said, and every time the Vitamin Sea fishes, “I believe we are going to have a good day,” he said. When he believes the fish aren’t there, he’d rather tell customers, and keep the boat in port. Trips aboard will now fish for striped bass, eeling for them, or jigging for the bass, when birds work bait along the water surface. Bottom-fishing for porgies is on the slow side, and blackfishing isn’t worthwhile, while one is the bag limit. Trips for blackfish will begin on November 16, when the limit is raised to six of the tautog. The blackfish trips will also stop on stripers, when working birds are seen, with stripers underneath. Telephone if interested in striper fishing, and striper and blackfish charters are being booked. “Get your dose of Vitamin Sea!”

Open-boat trips will eel for striped bass 5 to 11 p.m. every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday on the Down Deep, now that fluke season was closed, Capt. Mario said. Charters are also sailing, and daytime trips for stripers won’t start for another couple of weeks. Daytime trips are available for wreck-fishing for ling, porgies, blackfish, blowfish and triggerfish. Sea bass trips will begin on October 18, opening day of sea bass season, and blackfish trips will start on November 16, when the bag limit will be hiked to six of the tautog, from the current limit of one. Sign up for the Short Notice List on the Down Deep’s website to be kept informed about open trips.

Atlantic Highlands

The party boat Atlantic Star began bottom-fishing on Sunday, Capt. Tom said. Trips on the boat fluke fished until fluke season was closed that day. Bottom-fishing was slow in strong current on both of the twice-daily trips that day. The anglers picked at porgies at the channels, fighting the current. The water fished wasn’t deep, but the current ran fast, coming off the new moon, and 8 ounces of weight needed to be fished. Some anglers caught decent who had the feel. Others didn’t, who didn’t have the touch, and the angling was probably better on the afternoon’s trip than on the morning’s. Not all the anglers landed keepers in the morning, but all scored “dinner,” at least, in afternoon, Tom thought, he said. The porgies were mixed sizes, and one blackfish was bagged on the morning’s trip, and none was on the afternoon’s. The Atlantic Star is bottom-fishing for porgies and blackfish on two trips daily from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 to 6 p.m.

A 9.4-pound fluke won the season-long pool for the fish on the party boat Fishermen, Capt. Ron wrote in a report on the vessel’s website. Fluke season was closed starting Sunday, and Tom “The Vet” Kaprosch, Piscataway, heaved aboard the 30.1-incher. He paid his dues, especially early in the season, when the angling was tough, and sometimes fished twice a week aboard. The Fishermen is now fishing for striped bass 6:30 to 11:30 p.m. every Monday through Saturday with Capt. Dan, who can be reached at 908-930-2335. Those trips are currently fishing with eels, and daytime trips for stripers will start to fish daily soon, probably by October 8.


All the big blues anglers could want were plowed on a trip Sunday with Last Lady Fishing Charters, Capt. Ralph wrote in an email. The box was full in 3 hours, and two individual-reservation trips for blues and bottom-fish were added for October 9 and 12, because the fishing was so good. A few spaces remain for an individual-reservation trip for cod on October 13.


Fluke season was fair at best, not great, Bob from Fisherman’s Den wrote in an email. That’s my “take,” he said, and fluke season was closed starting Sunday. In Shark River, the number of fluke hooked was high. But “the 18-inch size limit did hurt,” he said, and the number of limits was much fewer than last year. Currently, striped bass were beached from the surf locally on plugs and bait. Small blues patrolled the surf, and party-boat trips sometimes hit especially big blues on the ocean. One of the boats departed yesterday on a special tuna trip. Boats that bottom-fished scooped up ling and healthy numbers of large, out-of-season sea bass. The sea bass had to be released, but seemed a good sign for the opening of sea bass season on October 18. Blackfish drew lots of attention that chomped at inlets and Point Pleasant Canal, now that fluke season was closed.

Weather kept trips docked most of last week, and the year’s final fluke trips were kind of cancelled, said Capt. Pete from Parker Pete’s Fishing Charters. Fluke season was closed starting Sunday, and bluefish, bonito and false albacore are on tap, if anglers want to fish. Sea bass trips will begin on October 18, when sea bass season is opened. Striped bass charters are being booked for later this fall. Pete thanks anglers who fluked aboard this year. Many fluke were throwbacks, but good-sized, to 10 pounds and larger, were clubbed aboard, and the boat had a good season of fluke fishing. The trips included On the Water Seminars, teaching bucktailing for fluke, that were a success, and Pete looks forward to running the trips again next year. Don’t have enough anglers for a charter? Jump on Parker Pete’s website to subscribe to the emailed newsletter to be kept informed about last-minute, individual spaces available to fill in charters. Look for the place to sign up on the right side of the page.


For boaters on the ocean, fluke fishing was no good in the final days of fluke season, said Dave from The Reel Seat. The season was closed starting Sunday, but fluking was okay at Manasquan Inlet during those days. Plenty of striped bass bit in Manasquan River, from the Railroad Bridge to the Route 35 Bridge, in the dark on small plugs, bucktails or lead jigheads with rubber shads. A few stripers, sometimes a keeper, were picked from the surf at Sea Girt and Spring Lake, at dawn and dusk, mostly on swimming lures or popper plugs. Plenty of bluefish, mostly 2- or 3-pounders, bit in the surf on mullet on mullet rigs. Mullet migrated the surf, and Dave heard nothing about peanut bunker in the surf. Boaters trolled blues around the Shrewsbury Rocks. Occasionally a striper was picked up around the rocks, but the ocean was warm for that. Fish like bonito and false albacore had been boated from the ocean before last week’s storm. Anglers would now see how that fishing is, in forecasts for better weather, including for today. Bottom-fishers could scratch out a catch of ling at the Mudhole. Abundant, out-of-season sea bass that bit were a problem. Offshore boaters chunked pretty good catches of yellowfin and longfin tuna at Hudson Canyon on Saturday night. Trolling really wasn’t possible in weeds. Nothing was heard about tuna fishing farther north that produced at Block Canyon previously, because local boaters sailed to the Hudson, closer to port. Shimano pro staffer Roy Leyva will give the shop’s next free seminar at 7 p.m. Thursday. He’ll cover both the Shimano Long Cast Surf System and fishing Cape Cod Canal.

Barnegat Light

Fishing was slower on Saturday than previously on the party boat Miss Barnegat Light, and frigate mackerel and blues were landed, but not enough, a report on the vessel’s website said. The crew planned to head to an area the next day where big blues were reported caught. Fishing was super for 8- to 12-pound blues aboard that day, Sunday. As many as anglers wanted were reeled in. The Miss Barnegat Light is fishing for blues, bonito and false albacore 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday.

Mystic Island

Summer flounder season went out with a whimper, a report on Scott’s Bait & Tackle’s website said. The season was closed starting Sunday, and wind blew the previous couple of weeks, and the storm slammed the coast just before the weekend, and water was stirred up. Flounder tend not to bite until seas settle. Fluke tackle was switched out to striped bass gear at the store, anticipating striper fishing later this fall.


Autumn’s first striped bass from Brigantine’s surf was weighed-in on Saturday at Riptide Bait & Tackle, a report on the shop’s website said. John Murphy checked-in the 11-pound 30-1/2-incher, winning the store’s $50 gift certificate for the first. Bluefish swam all over the surf, “devouring our Riptide fresh mullet,” the report said. Nothing was heard about kingfish from the surf since Thursday’s storm, but a fairly good population of kings hovered the water previously. The annual Riptide Striper Derby is under way until December 23. Entry allows beach-buggy access to Brigantine’s entire length, when accompanied by a Brigantine beach-buggy permit. Otherwise, not all the beach can be driven. The annual Riptide Striper Bounty, for the season’s first striped bass 43 inches or larger checked-in from Brigantine’s surf, is also under way. Sponsored by Hess Plumbing this season, the bounty reached $460, when last reported here on Thursday. Entry is $5 and required before catching the fish, and the winner takes all the cash. The bounty in spring reached $2,005 when won.

Ocean City

Croakers and blues were pitched aboard from the ocean on the party boat Miss Ocean City, Capt. Victor said. Summer flounder fishing wasn’t very good on the final days of flounder season that was closed starting Sunday. Trips will be docked for maintenance a moment and will probably begin again on Wednesday or Thursday. Then trips will fish for blues and croakers 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily on the ocean. The boat might fish for striped bass later this fall on the back bay. The Captain Robbins, the company’s other party boat, might begin to fish this week. When that vessel’s fishing begins, the trips will sail for ling on the ocean.

Sea Isle City

Some of the traveling charters to Montauk fished this weekend aboard, said Capt. Joe Hughes from Jersey Cape Guide Service and Sea Isle Bait & Tackle. The angling, fishing the migration of false albacore, striped bass and blues, was great. The trip Saturday, with Peter Rotelli and buddy, beat a dozen albies. Striped bass to 18 pounds and blues to 15 pounds were fought aboard, and porgies and sea bass were landed. Peter fly-rodded, and the buddy fished with jigs. The albies were hooked on metal, and when the buddy jigged, he fished with soft-plastic lures. When the porgies and sea bass bit, the hooks were fished along bottom for the bass and blues. The porgies and sea bass were a by-catch, weren’t targeted. But sometimes the bass, blues and albies blitzed along the surface, and most stripers were caught then. The trip Sunday, also with Peter and buddy, also tugged in albies, stripers and blues. Probably 10 albies were subdued, and a bunch of blues were. The stripers were smaller on average than on the previous day. Albies were the most abundant fish on the trips, and were the main target. Lots of bay anchovies schooled, and weather was great. The annual trips will fish until the third week of October, and if you ever wanted to fish the run from the legendary port, Joe is going. Afterward, he’ll home-in on the migration of stripers and blues from Sea Isle City in November and December, and those trips should be booked now. Joe also offers annual traveling charters to the Florida Keys in winter. See Jersey Cape’s traveling charters Web page. Joe is also chartering from Sea Isle currently, including popper-plug and –fly fishing for stripers that should continue to be good on the back bay, like it’s been. That angling should last through October, and bluefish are also schooling the ocean at Sea Isle. Keep up with Joe’s fishing on Jersey Cape’s blog.


Fishing was scrubbed Saturday because of wind with Fins and Feathers Outfitters, Capt. Jim said. He visited the Decoy and Gunning Show in Tuckerton during the weekend, and bought a layout boat for sea duck hunting. Jim guided a junior hunt with kids recently that bagged a couple of mallards. He’s also been guiding goose hunting recently, and goose season was closed on Saturday, but will be opened again this year. Trips being booked include striped bass fishing and duck hunting on Delaware Bay, and November is filling up. A couple of Casts and Blasts, a combo of striper fishing and duck hunting on the bay over a series of days, are already booked. Jim will head to upstate New York’s Salmon River for salmon fishing this weekend from his lodge. The lodge hosts anglers who can either fish the run on their own, or Jim can obtain guides for them. He can also show guests how to fish for the salmon, and the anglers can fish on their own afterward. Fins and Feathers offers a variety of outdoor adventures that also includes fly-fishing for trout on Pennsylvania’s streams like the Yellow Breeches.

Cape May

A charter triggerfished, cranking up a good catch of them, including some big, on Sunday on the Heavy Hitter, Capt. George said. The anglers, Tom Ebbecke from Newfield’s Accresce Nursery and crew, also reeled up blues, out-of-season, 8- or 9-inch sea bass and small porgies. The weather and ocean were beautiful, after last week’s rough weather. George knew about nobody who fished for summer flounder in the final days of flounder season that was closed starting Sunday, because of weather. He knew about trips that sailed for tuna on Sunday, and waited to hear results. Striped bass charters are being booked for later this fall, and telephone if interested.

Anglers fished for summer flounder on Saturday, the final day of flounder season, on the ocean with Melanie Anne Sport Fishing Charters, Capt. Frank said. Three keepers and five throwbacks were swung in, and a bunch of croakers were caught. A few out-of-season sea bass were tossed back. Cape May Reef was fished first, and then the Old Grounds was, and the croakers bit at the Old Grounds. A trip Sunday sailed for tuna all the way offshore, not inshore, trolling two yellowfin tuna. Another tuna trip is slated for Tuesday. Striped bass charters are starting to be booked that will begin in late October. Sea bass trips will begin on October 18, opening day of sea bass season. Blackfishing will begin aboard on November 16, when six of the tautog becomes the bag limit, compared with one blackfish currently. Melanie Anne always has a good tog season, he said.