Fri., May 6, 2016
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Report from Thursday, May 5.

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Cape May
Blackfishing steamed Friday and Saturday on the ocean, and drum fishing will be launched Saturday on Delaware Bay, on the party boat Porgy IV, Capt. Paul said. The blackfish trips were the final, before blackfish season was closed beginning Sunday, and more of the tautog were totaled on Friday than on Saturday. But Saturday was nasty weather, and a few of the trip’s anglers limited out, and a few big were landed. Some places gave up nothing, and some gave up a good pick. Anglers typically want more fish, but the angling was fair, in rolling seas and wind. Some anglers might not have bagged blackfish. Some threw back big females. Some kept a couple of big females, thinking the fish might win the pool. The angling didn’t begin well, but ended up with some blackfish. The boat will drum fish now from 2 to 10 p.m. on certain days, beginning Saturday. Reservations are required, and Paul couldn’t know how the fishing will go Saturday. A few drum were boated from the bay, no great numbers. When weather improves, the angling will pick up, he thinks. Twenty people were already signed up for a drum trip on Saturday, May 21.

Capt. George from the Heavy Hitter might scope out Delaware Bay’s drum fishing this weekend, he said. Drum charters are impending aboard, sailing each May. A few of the drum were already caught this season, and the angling seemed to slow last weekend. But the fishing should be coming on. Little was heard about fishing in past days in the weather.

Lot of northeast wind, said Nick from Hands Too Bait & Tackle. Few fished the ocean in that, except at Cape May Point. But not a lot bit at the point, except blues, maybe stripers. Still, striper fishing was pretty good from Delaware Bay’s shore from Reed’s Beach to Cape May Point. The angling slowed a little in the cold and weather like no sun for two weeks. But stripers did begin to be hauled from the beach this season. A 34-incher was bunker chunked from the bay’s shore. A 28-incher was bloodwormed along a jetty. Another 34-incher, 24 pounds, was plugged from the bay’s beach. Most of the surf stripers were nailed on fresh bunker chunks. Clams caught the next most, and plugs did the next. Some blues were still around in the bay’s surf, and seemed to chase bunker schools. A couple of weakfish began to be nabbed along the jetties on bloodworms under a bobber, soft-plastic lures and even sometimes on clams. For boaters, Delaware Bay’s drum fishing seemed to slow a little, because of water that became colder in the weather, after a few of the boomers began to be caught. A couple more of the catches will probably be heard about this weekend, because more anglers will sail for them then, and the drum fishing is expected to take off once weather improves. In the back bay, small stripers and occasional blues were played, and toward inlets seemed best. Despite the weather, fresh clams and fresh bunker have been carried. Bloodworms began to be scarcer from suppliers, as demand drops for the season. Jumbo bloods were unavailable. But the regular-sized that are stocked are good-looking.