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Report from Friday, August 21.

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Shark River Inlet
A trip overnighted at Hudson Canyon Friday to Saturday with
XTC Sportfishing from Belmar, Capt. Scott said. But the angling
was slow, landing three yellowfin tuna and two hammerhead sharks. Fifteen yellowfins and two bluefins were decked from the mid-range ocean last week on Thursday with XTC. That was after five yellowfins and a wahoo were whipped on a trip aboard in the area the previous day, covered in the last report here.

Manasquan Inlet
Wilmington Canyon fished best for bigeye tuna, said Eric from The Reel Seat in Brielle. The fish were trolled at night on glow-in-the-dark spreader bars and plugs, and on ballyhoos. A handful of tuna were trolled at Hudson Canyon. The 100 Square sometimes gave up bigeyes at the Hudson. Bigeyes were chunked at night there sometimes. Swordfish were caught at night there. Not many other tuna species were taken there. From the Bacardi wreck to the tip of the Hudson was the place for yellowfin tuna 26 or 27 inches to 60 pounds and a handful of bluefin tuna. The fishing was pretty good for the yellowfins first thing in mornings and from 2 or 3 p.m. to dark on the troll. Mini Green Machines, either in daisy chains or on spreader bars, were the bait, out-catching ballyhoos. A few white marlin and wahoos were fought in the area.

Mushin Sportfishing from Point Pleasant Beach overnighted offshore Friday to Saturday, and the fleet had to search for tuna, Capt. Alan wrote in an email. Nearly 30 beautiful mahi mahi, he said, to 15 pounds were caught on chunk baits on spinning rods with Mushin. At night, the trip pasted a swordfish, and lots of good offshore fishing is yet to come, he said. Dates being booked include September. Charters and open-boat trips are fishing offshore.

Barnegat Inlet
A day-troll for tuna went well Tuesday on the Super Chic from Barnegat Light for a group from Ohio, the boat’s Facebook page said. Five tuna, a mix of yellowfins and bluefins, and some skipjacks were landed. The tuna were the first-ever for some of the anglers, and weather was great. An angler who commented on the post said the angler fished the Chicken Canyon on the same day, in 77.5-degree, “nice water,” he wrote, catching mahi mahi and, just inshore of the Chicken, bluefish.

Little Egg Inlet
Nothing positive was talked about tuna fishing during the weekend, said Brian from Scott’s Bait & Tackle in Mystic Island.

Absecon Inlet
Jay from the shop sailed on another offshore trip, like before, that docked another bigeye tuna Tuesday night, said Capt. Dave from Absecon Bay Sportsman Center in Absecon. Bigeye fishing’s been consistent.

Great Egg Harbor Inlet
News about tuna was scarcer this week because the MidAtlantic $500,000 tournament was under way from Cape May, said Capt. Mike from the
Stray Cat from Longport. But trips picked away at bigeye tuna, like before, and which canyon was fished for them didn’t seem to make a difference. Yellowfin tuna were small and few. A good shot of tuna historically lights up around the final week of August, after the MidAtlantic, at Lindenkohl and Wilmington canyons, where the boat often fishes. Storms begin to roll in, because of the changing seasons, pushing the water around, turning on tuna. Nighttime chunking for tuna should ratchet up in the next 10 days or so.

White marlin were trolled at Lindenkohl and Wilmington canyons, said Nick from Fin-Atics in Ocean City. Bigeye tuna were trolled at night.

Townsend's Inlet
Capt. Joe Hughes from Jersey Cape Guide Service from Sea Isle City, affiliated with Sea Isle Bait & Tackle, joined an offshore trip on another boat Saturday that pre-fished for Cape May’s Mid-Atlantic $500,000, he said. The tournament was under way from Monday through today. The trip caught nine mahi mahi and had a couple of shots at white marlin.

Bigeye tuna were hauled mostly from Wilmington Canyon, said Mike from
Sea Isle Bait & Tackle in Sea Isle City. A couple of reports from boaters competing in this week’s MidAtlantic $500,000 said white marlin, not a lot, but some good catches, were landed, and tons of mahi mahi were.

Cape May Inlet
Looked like good catches of bigeye tuna and white and blue marlin were made during this week’s MidAtlantic $500,000 tournament from Cape May, said Nick from Hands Too Bait & Tackle in the town. One customer got covered up with whites toward Poorman’s Canyon, though he was disappointed, because he aimed for bigeyes. He found flying fish everywhere around the whites, and the flying fish even jumped in the boat. Nick fished on a charter at Wilmington Canyon last week that landed a couple of mahi mahi and missed a couple of knock downs.

Last Week's Report
Shark River Inlet

Five yellowfin tuna and a 50-pound wahoo were trolled Wednesday offshore of the Texas Tower with XTC Sportfishing from Belmar, Capt. Scott said. Seas had calmed, after strong northeast wind at the end of last week had built an ocean swell, throughout the first days of this week. A trip was supposed to head back out for the fishing there yesterday. A trip will fish the offshore canyons overnight Friday to Saturday.

Bonito, false albacore and mahi mahi were mixed in recently on some trips for bluefish on the Golden Eagle from Belmar, a report said on the party boat’s website said. This was after the wind and rough seas in the past week. The trips mostly hooked small blues and mackerel. Tuna trips will begin on September 20, and see the tuna schedule and reservation form on the vessel’s website.

“We are starting to see an occasional exotic,” as the water clears, on bluefish trips on the Miss Belmar Princess, an email said Thursday from the party boat. A mahi mahi won the day’s pool, and trips aboard mostly clubbed small blues and mackerel, at lumps and hills off Shark River Inlet.

Manasquan Inlet

The only bluefin tuna heard about were boated offshore of the Texas Tower, said Dave from The Reel Seat in Brielle on Sunday in a phone call. A mix of bluefins, small yellowfin tuna and a few longfin tuna bit there. Canyon tuna fishing was sort of slow. Most customers headed to Hudson Canyon for the fishing, trolling bigeye tuna, if lucky. One customer’s trip nailed seven bigeyes and a 450-pound blue marlin. But other customers caught nothing while canyon fishing. Maybe last weekend’s blow shook up the water and would help the angling, he said then.

Beach Haven Inlet

The June Bug from Beach Haven is supposed to sail for tuna Monday, Capt. Lindsay said. Bigeye tuna were caught at Wilmington Canyon, Lindenkohl Canyon and spots like that. Not many yellowfin tuna swam the waters. Bigeyes were trolled from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. most recently, and the best hours varied previously, but all were at night, on the troll. Bigeye fishing might run into one pack of the fish a night. Smaller tuna like 35-pound yellowfins bit offshore of the Texas Tower. Little Egg Inlet began to shoal up, Lindsay saw this week aboard, after the water began to offer more clearance for boats this season than previously. All of this happened naturally, and red tape or lack of funds prevented the government from dredging the inlet. Shoals have been a problem at the inlet since Hurricane Sandy in 2011.

Little Egg Inlet

Customers bought supplies in past days to fish offshore at Hudson, Lindenkohl and Wilmington canyons, not going on any reports, because none was available after rough seas and weather, said Brian from Scott’s Bait & Tackle in Mystic Island. They were going because of good weather forecast now.

Great Egg Harbor Inlet

No offshore reports rolled in during the week, but offshore baits were in strong demand, because of next week’s MidAtlantic $500,000, said John from 24-7 Bait & Tackle in Egg Harbor Township. The MidAtlantic is the offshore tournament from Cape May, and the shop carries all offshore baits. The company also own 24-7 Bait & Tackle in Marmora.

Weather and seas flattened out, said Nick from Fin-Atics in Ocean City. News about offshore was quiet, because of recent weather. But the usual offshore customers began gearing up for the fishing at mid-week, because of better weather now. Fishing seemed to be amping up all around, in improved weather.

Townsend’s Inlet

Capt. Joe Hughes from Jersey Cape Guide Service from Sea Isle City, affiliated with Sea Isle Bait & Tackle, heard nothing about offshore fishing, he said. Many offshore anglers will keep quiet a moment, because the MidAtlantic $500,000 offshore tournament is set for Monday to Friday from Cape May. Joe will join a trip on another boat Saturday that will pre-fish the tournament. Keep up with Joe’s fishing on Jersey Cape’s Blog.

Cape May Inlet

No trips fished in the weather in past days on the Heavy Hitter from Cape May, Capt. George. Weather became calm starting Wednesday, and fishing aboard was slated to resume today. Bigeye tuna were the tuna that mostly bit lately. No yellowfin tuna were around to speak of. That could change anytime.

Offshore reports failed to roll in, because of weather, said Joe from Hands Too Bait & Tackle in Cape. But that should change now, and the shop’s owner was fishing for tuna Thursday, when Joe gave this report in a phone call.