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Report from Friday, October 31.

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***Note, Friday, 11/7:***
Please see the notes below
for an explanation.
Note, Friday, 10/31: This might be the year’s final Offshore Report.

Like usual, fishing for tuna and other offshore catches is good, but autumn weather is preventing most trips from reaching the waters.

If weather is sometimes calm in the coming week, maybe enough trips will sail to continue the report. If not, occasional offshore news will be included in the inshore report the rest of the year.

Note, Friday, 11/7: Last week’s report, from Friday, 10/31, is the year’s final, but a few updates are posted below that are from today, Friday, 11/7.

Manasquan Inlet
Party boats fished at Hudson Canyon, docking quite a few longfin tuna, some yellowfin tuna and occasional bigeye tuna, said Eric from The Reel Seat in Brielle. Swordfishing seemed to pick up on the trips, and no smaller boats really fished for tuna, because of weather. ***Update, Friday, 11/7:*** Windows of weather were limited to reach the big-game grounds, Eric said. But when boaters got the weather, the fishing was good at Hudson Canyon. Lots of longfin tuna and some yellowfins were chunked, and a handful of bigeye tuna showed up. Some big swordfish were taken, and one weighed 380 pounds dressed. Plenty of life filled the water, if anglers could get there.

Barnegat Inlet
A trip for tuna was supposed to fish overnight Thursday to today on the Super Chic from Barnegat Light, Capt. Ted said before the charter. That day into day brought briefly calmer weather than previously, so maybe the trip steamed. Another blow is forecast for this weekend. ***Update, Friday, 11/7:*** The overnight trip did fish last Thursday to Friday, at Hudson Canyon, Ted said. The three anglers boated 12 longfin tuna, one yellowfin tuna, an 80-pound swordfish and a 10-pound mahi mahi. So the fishing was good, and lots more tuna would’ve been caught, if more anglers had sailed aboard. Six of the charter’s anglers cancelled on the trip, but the three anglers opted to sail. The weather and forecast were good. The tuna bit early in the night and early in the morning. Blue sharks and porpoises were a bother from midnight until 4 a.m. Porpoises circled the boat for hours. “Was weird,” Ted said. That was Super Chic’s final offshore trip scheduled for the year.

Little Egg Inlet
Tuna fishing was good on party boats at Hudson Canyon, said Brian from Scott’s Bait & Tackle in Mystic Island. Lots of longfin tuna and some yellowfin tuna were boxed.

Cape May Inlet
***Update, Friday, 11/7:*** Melanie Anne Sport Fishing Charters from Cape May shark fished on Tuesday, landing two small makos, a thresher and a brown, 30 miles from shore, Capt. Frank said. The water was 60 degrees on the fishing grounds, but 52 at the inlet. After sharking, the trip wreck-fished, loading up on sea bass and some blackfish. The water was thick with sea bass.

Last Week's Report
Report from Friday, 10/24:

Note: The offshore report might be winding down for the year, because weather is closing in. When trips could sail offshore, they caught. But wind during the weekend, and the nor’easter at mid-week, might’ve prevented all trips offshore this week.

Shark River Inlet

An overnight tuna trip was weathered that was supposed to fish Sunday to Monday with XTC Sportfishing from Belmar, Capt. Scott said. He wasn’t reached in a phone call for a report at mid-week, and any fishing aboard was surely cancelled in the storm then anyway.

Manasquan Inlet

Not many boats fished in relentless wind, said Eric from The Reel Seat in Brielle. But some of the party boats, larger vessels, fished for tuna offshore last week. Longfin tuna fishing was pretty darn good at Hudson Canyon for them, mostly at night on bait. But a few of the fish were jigged at night, and not much was heard about mid-shore fishing for pelagics, because few boats sailed.

Cape May Inlet

No trips fished in the wind, said Capt. Frank from Melanie Anne Sport Fishing Charters from Cape May. He’d like to sail for tuna still this season, and good water for tuna held at Poorman’s Canyon. Trips just need the weather to sail there. One charter was weathered out from swordfishing, and would still like to sail for swords, if weather breaks. Frank would like to shark fish still this season, too, before weather makes that impossible.