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Report from Friday, October 25.

| Attention: | Shark River Inlet | Manasquan Inlet | Barnegat Inlet | Last Week's Report |

Note, Friday, November 1: Weather has closed in for the season, and the offshore report below, from October 25, is the year’s final.

No trips were known about that fished offshore afterward, because of weather, and that’s not unusual this time of year.

Fish still seemed to swim the offshore canyons, and that’s not unusual either.

Some boats might still sail for them, and that’ll be covered in the inshore report the rest of the year.

This report will kick off again in June with shark fishing.

Shark River Inlet
A trip for tuna fished overnight Monday to Tuesday on the party boat Golden Eagle from Belmar, and “was not as good as the last one,” a report on the vessel’s Web site said. Only a handful were bagged, and 20 were lost, and a large swordfish was landed. Tuna were marked most of the day and night, and the fish swam through the slick, and broke water around the boat. Was frustrating to see so many but not catch many.

Manasquan Inlet
On the party boat Gambler from Point Pleasant Beach, tuna fishing was good, Capt. Bob said. Longfin tuna 25 to 50 pounds, “nice, manageable size,” he said, lots, were nailed on flat-lined squid and on jigs. Fishing for them was best from 9 to 11 a.m. A few yellowfin tuna, bigger ones from 60 to 125 pounds, were cracked. Plus, two bigeye tuna were boated this past week. One was longer than 6 feet, estimated to weigh 350 pounds. The other weighed 250, and both were caught on bait, though bigeyes are often trolled. The boat is strictly tuna fishing at least through the month, maybe longer. One trip is already scheduled for November. See the Gambler’s tuna schedule online.

Fifteen longfin tuna to 40 pounds and some yellowfin tuna to 70 pounds were chunked on an overnight trip to Hudson Canyon with Andrea’s Toy Charters from Point Pleasant Beach, a report said Monday on Andrea’s Toy’s Web site. A 20-pound bull mahi mahi was also chunked, and the charter steamed for the canyon at 6 p.m. On arrival, the trip began chunking, or fishing with bait, chunks of it, as opposed to trolling, or dragging lures while the boat sails. Chunks of bait like butterfish or sardines are fished on the hooks, or live bait is. Chunks of bait are also tossed in the water for chum. Two longfins, the first bites, were gaffed at midnight. More tuna were missed as the anglers, new to tuna fishing, “got comfortable with the fish and the gear,” the report said. A large fish, “an unreal bite,” the report said, was hooked at 1 a.m. Each of the three anglers fought the catch, but the fish wrapped the line around a lobster pot buoy, and broke off. At 4 a.m., fishing busted loose, and the rest of the longfins, 13 of them, the yellowfins and the mahi were iced. “After the dust settled,” the report said, the charter chose to sail home in flat seas. Great night, the report said. Capt. Fred in a telephone call said he’s not even thinking about inshore fishing, couldn’t say how inshore was. That’s because offshore was fantastic, unreal, he said, and Andrea’s Toy is concentrating on that. Canyon waters were 73 degrees, and 74-degree waters were “moving down the line,” he said. “Just let them know this is it,” he said. This is the final couple of weeks of tuna fishing. Andrea’s Toy will sail inshore afterward, including for striped bass. When the dust settles.

A friend’s trip rounded up two bigeye tuna, 16 longfin tuna and four yellowfin tuna, said Capt. Ken from the Big Kid in Brielle.

Tuna fishing was the best of the season, said Dave from The Reel Seat in Brielle. Trips fished at Hudson Canyon, chunking longfin and yellowfin tuna and sometimes swordfish at night. Both tuna also bit during daytime on the troll. One customer’s trip landed two bigeye tuna, 25 longfins and a half-dozen yellowfins. Close to shore, bluefin tuna were seen all over, jumping from waters, chasing bait.

Barnegat Inlet
Fishing for tuna wasn’t good on an overnight trip Saturday to Sunday, said Capt. Ted from the Super Chic from Barnegat Light. The trip mostly fished at night, and when daylight broke, seas were too rough to stay and fish. But the angling seemed good during daytime. The trip managed a couple of longfin tuna, a swordfish and a mahi mahi. The 56-foot boat can accommodate up to 25 anglers on inshore trips and 10 on overnight, offshore trips. The vessel sleeps 10 passengers.

From an edited e-mail from Capt. Dave DeGennaro from the Hi Flier from Barnegat: “I took my two boys, Nick, 15, and Max, 12, on the Gambler out of Point Pleasant Beach for an overnight canyon tuna trip (last week on Wednesday). After a slow night of fishing, we had a wide-open bite on 35- to 40-pound longfin tuna that lasted hours. We had seven between us, and the boys each added a mahi mahi. Awesome boat, awesome crew. Here’s a video of Max doing battle with a 37-pound longfin that ate a bait he pitched on a spinning rod for a mahi mahi. It was a pretty big spinner, my Cabo 80, and he handled it like a champ.” The Hi Flier is fishing for striped bass and bluefish inshore.

Last Week's Report
Last week’s Report from Friday, 10/18:


That’s how many offshore trips were known about this past week, because of last week’s nor’easter and continued rough seas since.

That’s not unusual this time of year.

Canyon tuna fishing seemed to start amping up before the storm. That’s not unusual this time of year either.

The report will resume this coming Friday, if boats can sail, or could be finished for the year, if weather closes in. Time will tell.

The previous week’s report from Friday, 10/11:

Shark River Inlet

Five minutes after they started to fish, anglers began to smash tuna on an overnight trip Sunday to Monday on the party boat Golden Eagle from Belmar, a report on the vessel’s Web site said. Sometimes five and six of the fish, a mix of yellowfins and longfins, were hooked at a time, and the trip ended up with more than 40 bagged. The anglers landed as many as four apiece, and some hooked five or six apiece and lost them all. A 100-pound yellowfin was the largest caught. Two big swordfish and a 150-pound mako shark were boated. The boat’s new engines and other improvements for speed, installed last winter, enabled the 100-mile run in 6 hours. Space remains for another one of the trips Monday to Tuesday, and book now “if you want a shot at the tunas,” the report said. See the tuna reservation page online.

Manasquan Inlet

On some boats, fishing was very good at Hudson Canyon for large yellowfin tuna last week on Wednesday and Thursday nights, Alan, the boat owner from Mushin Sportfishing, from Point Pleasant Beach, wrote in an e-mail. Mushin headed there for an overnight trip Friday to Saturday, arriving among a good-sized fleet in the middle of the night. But the fishing was slow on most of the vessels. Mushin got up on the troll in the morning, boating a 215-pound bigeye tuna, a 95-pound yellowfin tuna, a longfin tuna and a 70-pound wahoo, sort of a “slam.” Reports were heard about the nighttime fishing turning on again Saturday night. So it looks like the canyons are holding some good water and fish, Alan said. Canyon charters are being booked. Mushin means a relaxed state of readiness.

A mixed-bag offshore trip fished at a canyon overnight with Andrea’s Toy Charters from Point Pleasant Beach, a report said Sunday on Andrea’s Toy’s Web site. The angling started with “a light-tackle mahi session,” it said. Mahi mahi to 12 pounds were boxed. Then the trip arrived where tuna fishing had been super the previous nights. The anglers trolled a few minutes, and four tuna bit. Two of them – longfins to 30 pounds – were landed. The boat was set up for chunking through the night, and no action was seen until midnight. Then a few fish were missed, and a big catch was fought, until the 60-pound leader was chaffed and broke. The fish, probably a large swordfish, was lost. A few big blue sharks were caught and released afterward. Then tuna began to bite, and the anglers went 1 for 4 on them, and also released a small sword. The hot tuna fishing the previous nights was slow this night. In the morning, the anglers went on the troll, but soon called it a day, “with a semi box full,” the report said. These mixed-bag trips, both open-boat and charters, sail with Andrea’s Toy this time of year. Catches can include tuna, mahi, swordfish, sharks, tilefish and more, all in one outing. Andrea’s Toy specializes in mixed-bag fishing for greater fun, better chances of hooking up, and more variety for dinner.

Tuna fishing was phenomenal at night during the weekend, said Capt. Ken from the Big Kid from Brielle. “Ridiculous,” he said.

Nighttime tuna fishing really turned on at Hudson Canyon during a moment last week, said Eric from The Reel Seat in Brielle. It seemed to slow toward the end of last week, but become somewhat better again Saturday night. Tuna, fairly good catches, were trolled during daytime last week at Toms and Carteret canyons. Some big longfin tuna were trolled, and a 70-pounder was weighed in. A healthy population of wahoos bit on the troll.

Barnegat Inlet

A tuna trip was set for this coming weekend on the Super Chic from Barnegat Light, and a couple of boats from the docks returned Sunday with good or alright catches, Capt. Ted said. Tuna fishing seemed to pick up a little. Space remains for an open-boat tilefish trip offshore on October 19. The 56-foot boat can accommodate up to 25 anglers on inshore trips and 10 on overnight, offshore trips. The vessel sleeps 10 passengers.

Great Egg Harbor Inlet

Before this week’s storms weathered out boating, the only news from offshore was that one customer ran a trip for tuna all the way to Washington Canyon, said John from Fin-Atics in Ocean City. He was skunked, and that was a long sail. According to forecasts now, weather looked like boating wouldn’t be possible for several days.

Cape May Inlet

Capt. George from the Heavy Hitter from Cape May offered anglers to fish last weekend who were slated to tuna fish aboard this coming weekend, he said. Last weekend’s weather was beautiful for fishing, and yellowfin tuna catches turned on at Baltimore Canyon last week. But the anglers didn’t take him up on the offer, planning to still fish this weekend. At the Baltimore, the yellowfins, good catches, were chunked Thursday night last week. George knew anglers who returned Friday night but caught none. Previously, good numbers of yellowfins were trolled along the 30-fathom line. When large numbers of tuna didn’t turn up like that, or like at the Baltimore, a few yellowfins were around that could be trolled. So were a few mahi mahi. Farther south, yellowfins were still caught like before at Washington Canyon, out of range for most charter boats, except those with large fuel capacities, like party-boat-sized vessels. Lots of false albacore were around, especially at the East Lump that was loaded with them.