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Report from Friday, November 13.

| Attention: | Manasquan Inlet | Last Week's Report |
Fish seemed to swim offshore waters still, but most boats wrapped up the trips for the season.

This report is usually ended about the first of November each year, and was continued later this year, because reports still rolled in.

That was because autumn was relatively warm, the season still offered weather possible to sail offshore, and the fish kept biting.

Manasquan Inlet
A tuna trip was weathered out Monday to Tuesday on the party boat Gambler from Point Pleasant Beach, and another is scheduled for 8 p.m. to 8 p.m. this coming Monday to Tuesday, Capt. Bob said. Spaces are available, and about half the trip is full. If the trip blasts the catches, and enough anglers are interested, more of the trips will sail. Tuna fishing was good on the last trip for them aboard. The boat had been slated to wrap up tuna trips for the season after October. But the trips continued in November, because the angling kept producing. ***Update, Friday, 11/20:*** The boat fished offshore at Spencer Canyon this past Monday to Tuesday, and a good mess of yellowfin tuna was nailed, Bob said. The mostly 40- to 60-pounders bit 15 minutes after the trip arrived Monday night until almost when the outing left the canyon at 1 p.m. Tuesday. The fishing was a steady one-two pick, with not many lulls. That would probably be the final tuna trip aboard this year, depending on whether enough anglers are interested in sailing on another this coming Monday to Tuesday. The fish are there, but drawing interest might be difficult this time of year.

Hudson Canyon’s West Wall sounded like the place to be for tuna, said Eric from The Reel Seat in Brielle. Yellowfin tuna to 80 pounds and longfin tuna to 50 pounds were chunked there, mostly during daytime, but a few were chunked at night. For jigs, pink was the color this year. Eight-ounce, pink jigs caught tuna. A handful of swordfish were heaved in, and some were nearly 300 pounds. A pile of mahi mahi still swam the water. ***Update, Friday, 11/20:*** Tuna were still reeled in, mostly along the Hudson West Wall, said on Sunday in a phone call. Mostly yellowfin and longfin tuna were caught, on the chunk, mostly during daytime. But a few bigeye tuna were chunked, and bluefin tuna 250 to 300 pounds began to be chunked in the area. The bluefins gathered behind squid boats, feeding on the discard.

Last Week's Report
Shark River Inlet

Capt. Scott from XTC Sportfishing from Belmar had just returned from a trip to Hudson Canyon on Tuesday to Wednesday, when he gave this report in a phone call, he said. The trip bagged a dozen good-sized longfin tuna and three small yellowfin tuna. All the fish were chunked, mostly during daytime, on Tuesday, when the trip arrived at the canyon, and after sunup Wednesday. Two of the yellowfins were chunked at night.

Five yellowfin tuna, two swordfish and a couple of big mahi mahi were boated at the canyon on the Katie H from Belmar on a trip Tuesday to Wednesday, Capt. Mike said in a voicemail. The fishing seemed to slow a little on some boats, compared with before, and some scored well, during the trip. The tuna on the Katie H bit mostly deep or down 220 feet. “The fish didn’t come up very long,” he said. Another trip for the fish is slated for this coming Tuesday to Wednesday, and Mike’s not giving up on the fishing yet. The fish are definitely there, he said.

Manasquan Inlet

Tuna fishing remained pretty steady, said Eric from The Reel Seat in Brielle on Monday morning in a phone call. Sounded like Hudson Canyon’s West Wall was the place to be, he said, and the fishing picked away at longfin tuna to 50 pounds and yellowfin tuna to 80. All were chunked, and none was trolled, and a few swordfish were cranked in at night, no great shakes, but worth fishing for.

Weather made reaching the canyons difficult to fish for tuna aboard, Capt. Alan from Mushin Sportfishing wrote in an email Sunday. But when the boat’s been able to sail to the canyons, the fish have been there. A trip Saturday, closer to shore, loaded up on jumbo sea bass to 5 pounds, big porgies and a handful of cod to 15 pounds.

Space is available on a tuna trip Monday to Tuesday on the Gambler from Point Pleasant Beach, the party boat’s Facebook page said. Tuna trips were added that will sail at 8 p.m. Monday to 8 p.m. Tuesday every week in November. The boat had been scheduled to stop tuna fishing after October, but the fishing remained good. “Yellowfin 25 to 75 and longfin 30 to 40lbs,” the page said. “A 75lb swordfish.” To book, telephone 732-295-7569 or book online. The boat on Sunday began fishing inshore for striped bass every day except Tuesdays. No reservations are required for those trips.

Barnegat Light

The year’s final tuna trip steamed Wednesday to Thursday on the
Super Chic from Barnegat Light, Capt. Ted said. An okay catch, eight
tuna – five yellowfins and three longfins – and a couple of mahi mahi were landed, all on the chunk, south of Hudson Canyon. Half the tuna were chunked early in morning in the dark, and half were chunked in the middle of the day. Though that was the final tuna trip, the fish will be caught some time yet this season, he thinks. Weather was great, the best on any tuna trips aboard this year. “First time we didn’t get our butts kicked,” he said! Striped bass charters, the season’s first, were slated to fish today through Sunday on the vessel.

Tuna trips were wrapped up for the season last weekend on the
Miss Barnegat Light, and trips will begin to fish for striped bass and
blues aboard this weekend, the party boat’s Facebook page said. On a trip Saturday to Sunday, tuna fishing was great, picking at yellowfins the whole night. A few were also caught once the sun rose, on livelined spots and frozen sardines on light, fluorocarbon leaders. Tuna fishing on a trip last week on Thursday to Friday gave up a few good-sized yellowfins at 10:30 p.m. for 2 ½ hours. Then the fishing lulled 2 ½. At 3:30 a.m., tuna fishing became good until sunrise. Tuna trips sailed throughout October on the boat, and the crew was happy with the fishing. The trips will fish again next year.

Beach Haven Inlet

On the June Bug from Beach Haven, a tuna trip was weathered out Sunday, and another is slated for this Sunday to Monday, Capt. Lindsay said. Tuna, yellowfins and longfins, didn’t seem to swim only at Hudson Canyon now, like before. They seemed also to roam canyons farther south, at least as far as Lindenkohl Canyon, if not Wilmington Canyon.