Fri., Oct. 9, 2015
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Report from Friday, October 9.

| Attention: | Manasquan Inlet | Barnegat Inlet | Beach Haven Inlet | Last Week's Report |
Offshore reports were scarce, after the weekend’s nor’easter, and strong winds almost every day for more than a week previously.

That’ll happen in fall, though this was an usually long stretch.

Manasquan Inlet
The party boat Gambler from Point Pleasant Beach was slated to fish on a 48-hour tuna trip Wednesday to today, and the trip likely sailed, or at least had the weather. Phone calls to the captain’s cell phone went directly to voicemail, seeming to indicate he was offshore. Trips were surely weathered out through the weekend, in the storm. One scheduled for Monday to Tuesday might’ve sailed. See the tuna schedule online.

Fishing was great on a trip to the offshore canyons Wednesday to Thursday on the Jamaica from Brielle, an email from the party boat said. The ocean held a “pretty big swell, but the wind calmed down, and conditions were good,” it said. Yellowfin tuna 50 to 90 pounds, a couple of bigeye tuna to a 230-pounder, and a few longfin tuna were smashed, biting most of the night, with few lulls. The fish began hitting soon after the boat was anchored. Anglers with notable catches included three who limited out on yellowfins and bagged two longfins apiece, and several others who limited on yellowfins. The trip first fished for mahi mahi, tackling lots of the fish to 25 pounds.

Barnegat Inlet
Miss Barnegat Light is slated to fish next today, for tuna, according to the schedule on the party boat’s website. The season’s first tuna trips aboard were weathered out last Friday and Saturday in the storm. All trips are fishing for tuna aboard, for now, and see the tuna schedule online.

An overnighter for tuna today would probably be weathered out on the Super Chic from Barnegat Light, Capt. Ted said. He knew that the party boats Jamaica from Brielle and Voyager from Point Pleasant Beach overnighted for tuna Wednesday to Thursday, and was yet to hear results.

Beach Haven Inlet
Tuna trips were supposed to fish on the June Bug from Beach Haven last weekend and this weekend, Capt. Lindsay said. Last weekend’s was weathered out, and the storm did no substantial damage to the boat, but caused some maintenance that will be needed to the outriggers. Lindsay will boat the inlet Saturday to see how the weather might’ve shifted sand bar navigation. No boats that fished were known about from Long Beach Island since the storm. This writer told Lindsay about party boats from farther north in the state that were known to sail for tuna on overnighters in past days, though most results were yet to be reported. That’s what’s needed, he said: The big boats to fish for tuna. Then whether tuna moved, or where they were located, since the storm, could be known. A couple of boats two weekends ago, before the storm, found yellowfin tuna, not big, 30 or 35 pounds, but limits. Those were some of the season’s first substantial catches of yellowfins. Long Beach Island seemed not to fare badly from the storm. Dunes at Stone Harbor, farther south, were heard about that now met a 12-foot drop to the beach. That area usually holds an especially long, gradual decline to the water.

Last Week's Report
Shark River Inlet

A tuna trip sailed Sunday to Monday on the Golden Eagle from Belmar, a report said on the party boat’s website. But no results were posted at press time. That and a bluefish trip on Tuesday were the only trips that fished aboard in some time, because of weather. Fishing aboard will be weathered out today through Sunday. Forecasts currently included a nor’easter today and the potential hurricane or tropical storm at the beginning of the week. See the tuna schedule online.

Tuna swam the offshore grounds, before the weather, Capt. Mike from the Katie H from Belmar said. He hopes they’ll remain, once this weather passes. “How much more northeast wind can you have?!” he asked. The boat is mostly tuna fishing for now.

Manasquan Inlet

Fishing was mostly washed out because of wind, said Eric from The Reel Seat in Brielle on Sunday. But during a window of better weather late last week, a Brielle party boat landed a bunch of yellowfin tuna and longfin tuna, and a bigeye tuna, at Hudson Canyon. Tuna seemed to remain at the Hudson, like before.

The boat was tied to the dock in the past week, like most charters, because of wind, Capt. Alan from Mushin Sportfishing from Point Pleasant Beach wrote in an email. Tuna fishing was solid at the offshore canyons for yellowfins, longfins and bigeyes, before the blow. That’s expected to continue, and space is available on open-boat tuna trips overnight October 10 to 11, 11 to 12 and 17 to 18. Tuna charters are still being accepted.

Beach Haven Inlet

Yellowfin tuna began to show up, finally, before the wind began last week, said Capt. Lindsay from the June Bug from Beach Haven. Not just onesies or twosies, he said. He knew about a couple of trips that landed 15 and 20 apiece. Weather like this is not unusual in fall. The current blow was further evidence that anglers should set aside a four-day window for tuna charters in autumn, like Lindsay always suggests. Then the chances of getting two days for an overnighter are better. Doctorate student meteorologists he knew said at mid-week that the weather coming in the next days could become another perfect storm. By this morning, most projections called for the storm to veer offshore of New Jersey. The storm this morning was a category 4 hurricane at the Bahamas.