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Tumble Drumm Fish Scaler

Scaling fish is my favorite part of fishing.


The scales fly everywhere. On the ground. On your clothes. In your hair. On your dog.

It’s just so enjoyable.

The Open Country Tumble Drumm is made to make fish scaling easy and clean.

Prep the Tumble Drumm by pouring a little water in the bottom of the rectangle plastic tank, place the fish inside the drum that sits atop the tank, turn it on so it tumbles, and this scales and “super cleans” the fish in minutes.

The fish become free of scales, dirt and slime, and the scales wash through the drum’s holes and settle to the bottom of the rectangle tank.

Then you rinse the drum and tank, but that’s better than scaling and rinsing each fish individually.

This is made for smaller fish, like 20 to 30 nine- to ten-inchers that you place in the drum and scale at once.

The Tumble Drumm is very easy to operate and portable, and can be used outdoors or indoors.

For details, visit Open Country’s website.

Also watch a video.