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Satellite Handheld Radio

Satellite phones have been the most powerful electronics for recreational boaters to talk long-distance.

Some radios -- none of them handheld -- offered the next most powerful.

But now the company Icom, a world-class maker of handheld radios, is partnering with Iridium to create a satellite handheld.

Iridium is known for its communication satellites, and this radio will use them.

This handheld, obviously a “push-to-talk” radio, or a PTT, as they’re known in the industry, will be the first handheld PTT that will truly work anywhere on Earth, the two companies say.

Why Icom?

Because Icom has the handheld expertise and the network to distribute the radios to stores.

Why Iridium?

Because Iridium’s network of satellites is excellent and ensures stable and reliable communications.

It’s a “smart collaboration of both companies’ core competencies,” press releases say.

Even if something disastrous happens on Earth, the radio will work, because the communication is through satellites.

The handheld is expected to be available sometime this year.

At press time, it was yet to be included on Icom’s website.

See a press release from Icom about the radio.

Also see a release from Iridium.