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E6 Lightning Drill

When you’re ice fishing, you want to drill those holes in a jiffy.

Or maybe you want to drill them with a Jiffy.

The E6 Lightning Drill is the latest augur from the company Jiffy Ice Drills.

This is an electric augur, powered by a lithium, rechargeable battery, and is lightweight and available with 6-, 8-. 9- or 10-inch drills.

The battery’s charge on the 6-inch is good for an average of 100 holes through 2 feet of ice.

The charge on the bigger drills is good for fewer, but still a fair number.

The augur is easy to start – simply depress a lever – has high torque and has a wide stance with handles and grips meant for comfort.

It even has a 2-year warranty on the motor and drill, and a 1-year warranty on the battery.

Ice-fishing’s come a long ways in a short time from those days of the heavy, smoking, leaking, gas-powered augurs.

For details about the E6, visit Jiffy’s website.