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Email: kevin Comment/Question
Raymond I'm trying to get out Monday because of the rain that is coming. thank you for the info I'm going to give it a try there and I will post it when I get back. thank you allkevin
Fri May 25 2018  
Email: Raymond Comment/Question
Too Kevin 05/23/2018 question on fluke in barneget bay the answer is yes if you look at a nautical chart for the area that has the channels and structure for the area I have caught many fluke in the bay
Thu May 24 2018  
Email: kevin Comment/Question
hi therecan anyone tell me if they ever catch fluke in Seaside NJ in the back near the big bridge ?because I was crabbing there on the dock last year and the boat / bait shop there said there really is not much of fluking going on around there.I got a small boat and I would like to go try it there and I'm not sure what to do.can anyone help me out ? or tell me if they got a spot to go to around there with my son.thanks for the help
Wed May 23 2018  
Email: Anthony Dagostino Surf
Weakfish 20 1/2 inchs 4lb Avalon 18 inch keeper flounder and Stone that I release.
Mon May 21 2018  
Email: Harry Portland Inshore
Landed four good sized stripers in the back bays in corson's. Variety of methods but the biggest (36') took a six inch plug medium retrieve.
Sun May 20 2018  
Email: O'Fishally Ours Surf
Fished along the beaches of raritan bay all weekend at night and there were plenty of stripers caught on worms and clams. Saturday night the bunkers was so thick, they were hitting our lines for 3 hours straight. They wouldn't go away. But plenty of keep bass from 28" to below the 43" mark.
Mon Apr 30 2018  
Email: Zeke Inshore
Went out yesterday, Saturday. Didn't get out until about 3:00 P.M.. Seas were kind of rough and it was windy. Got out in the 'Reach' and got into a small fleet of boats. Everyone was bailing Stripers. We caught two in 5 minutes. All fish caught were keepers. They were above 28 but below the large size limit. Anyone could have caught as many fish as they wanted to.
Sun Apr 29 2018  
Email: George Horvath Surf
4/28/2018 Caught nothing and saw no one catch anything in Manasquan Inlet this afternoon on the low tide while casting an Ava and teaser rig. A loon caught and swallowed an undersized blackfish.
Sat Apr 28 2018  
Email: Albert Trent Freshwater
Fished Splirock Res in the Highlands N.J.,slow start to the day,bluegills bit right away,the coves were warm ,1 pound sunfish all over.After the 20 mile an hour wind ,,hands got cold and right before dark fish went crazy,caught 6 Lg mouth 2 pound avg...7 crappie all 10 inch and one big pickeral.,all released..,so jig and li e bait time at splitrock!
Tue Apr 17 2018  
Email: Andrew Inshore
36 inch stripped bass was caught on the Raritan bay surf fishing. Bunker blow ups and hundreds of birds diving for bumper. A lot of shorts were caught as well.
Thu Apr 12 2018  
Email: Albert Trent Freshwater
North Warren County ponds still cold...bluegills starting to sunbath but few nibbles before dark...Meadowlands producing well as usual..small to medium white perch...but the jumbos will be in soon always are just need some more sunny 60 days.. but very tricky place took me the 30 yrs I have fished it to master the fishes movements...but luck still works also...stripers are right behind the jumbos..those schoolies are up to 30 inchers sometime...will post asap!
Sat Mar 17 2018  
Email: George Horvath Surf
Caught, tagged and released a 17' winter flounder with a 4' Storm shad yesterday evening on the Manasquan Inlet north jetty on the ocean side near the dolos. I wanted to apply for a NJ Skillful Angler Recognition Award, but the battery in my cell phone died while I was fishing. Saw 2 herring.
Sat Dec 23 2017  
Email: George Horvath Surf
Caught and released a 15' hickory shad on a teaser just after dark, then caught, tagged and released a 19' striped bass on a 5' white Tsunami shad at 5:40 PM on the Manasquan Inlet, NJ, north jetty. Hundreds of herring were swirling in the ocean from sundown until after dark. Saw other fishermen catch sundials in the inlet on bait. A skate kept swimming across my spot for a long time.
Tue Dec 19 2017  
Email: Dennis Lott Inshore
My self and Dave Miller were out in front of Ocean City Friday 12/8/17 and had 1 fish 44" 39 lbs, 1 fish 43 " 37 lbs and a 39" trolling white mojos before it started snowing.
Sun Dec 10 2017  
Email: George Horvath Inshore
Caught, tagged and released a striped bass on a teaser in the ocean at Manasquan last Friday night. Lost 3. Hundreds of herring, shad and small stripers were jumping out of the ocean. They wouldn't hit a big plug.
Sun Dec 10 2017  
Email: Aaron Inshore
Good bite Tuesday morning in front of the wheel in ocean city , limited on unders throwing back 2- 40 fish with 3 guys on board , 1 over with a 45 fish
Thu Nov 30 2017  
Email: Harry Inshore
fished the back bay by corson's inlet 11/25.10 stripers on 1oz spro bucktails. medium retrieve.
Mon Nov 27 2017  

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